Fighting Snow Mold

dethatching rakeThis is the time of year, as the ice and snow cover are finally melted, that we can see what kind of damage our lawns suffered over the long, hard winter.

Snow molds, especially after a winter like we have had this year, can lead to matting of the turf. Spring recovery efforts include relief of this matting once the area dries out enough to permit work. Often the best approach is hand raking, but we also use equipment like de-thatchers to save time.

If a de-thatcher is our weapon of choice, we make sure to set the machine at a height sufficient to break up the matting, but not so deep that significant soil disruption occurs.

Bring out the best in your lawn this spring by aiding its attempt to recover. Call us to come over and treat your snow mold and remove matting! Also please check out forex strategies 

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