This Year, March Went Out Like a Lion…

March 2014 weatherContrary to the well-known folk saying, in 2014 March went out like a lion, not a lamb.

Those of us in the Southeast/Cape Cod region experienced high winds, pounding rain, and periods of a wintry mix of sleet, ice, and freezing rain during the last week of the month. Thanks to cold temps that extended late into the season, most landscapes are still looking bare, with just a hint of green and minimal plant growth beginning to enter the picture.

While we are seeing crocuses open on sunny days, these are still few and far between. Daffodils are budded but not yet in bloom.

According to UMass Amherst Agriculture and Landscape program researchers:

Winter debris litters many landscapes, with broken trees, branches, and twigs strewn across yards. Turf has yet to green up and many lawns need repair from snowplow scalping. Snow mold is beginning to show up on turf. Rabbit and vole feeding damage is evident on low branches and twigs of woody ornamentals. Most ornamental insects have yet to make an appearance.

Read more on the UMass Amherst Agriculture and Landscape blog.

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