Magic Salt®

To help combat the challenging conditions of a New England winter, White Horse Lawn & Garden also uses an environmentally friendly ice melt product that makes ice and snow disappear more quickly and safely than ever before!

Magic Salt Treatment

Magic Salt® is an ordinary rock salt treated with an award winning, non toxic agriculturally based performance enhancer blended with magnesium chloride. It is less corrosive than salt alone and biodegradable, making it far less damaging to various surfaces and safe for grass.

There’s no doubt about it your liability increases during the cold, snowy months when driveways or parking lots get coated with ice and snow. All it takes is one slip or fall, and you could have a nasty lawsuit or a painful recovery with which to deal.

We help lessen the chance of this happening by using a variety of ice management options. A Magic Salt® treatment might be just the thing for your business during wintry, icy conditions.

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