Salt and Sand

New England winters can do a number on you and your vehicle. If you want to do more to help maintain traction of both autos and people, not just melt ice faster, consider a salt and sand mix.

Salt and Sand Mix

Why salt and sand to manage slippery conditions? While the chemical reaction of salt and water in freezing temperatures can help minimize ice, sand is an abrasive that immediately adds some necessary traction for boots and tires.

Another benefit of mixing salt and sand? It helps anchor the sand to the slippery surface of the ice.

There’s no doubt about it your liability increases during the cold, snowy months when driveways or parking lots get coated with ice and snow. All it takes is one slip or fall, and you could have a nasty lawsuit or a painful recovery with which to deal.

We help lessen the chance of this happening by using a variety of ice management options. For those who want better traction than what salt alone can give, we offer a salt and sand mix during wintry, icy conditions.

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