French Drains

Having drainage problems? While sufficient moisture is necessary for healthy lawns, trees, and plantings, too much of a good thing will cause problems. Allow White Horse Lawn & Tree to provide the solution of French drains for your property. French drains are known by numerous other names, including French ditch, weeping tile, perimeter drain, and blind drain. Regardless of what you call them, French drains are meant to keep water from collecting in areas of your property where it should not.

French Drains Installation

French drains are trenches filled with gravel or rock, and a perforated pipe used to redirect surface water and groundwater away from an area. They have been used for years to remove excess water from low areas, and other areas prone to saturated soil. Frequently used to prevent ground and surface water from damaging building foundations, they are also used to relieve ground water pressure from behind retaining walls. French drains can also be used to distribute water, such as in a septic drain field at the outlet of a septic tank sewage treatment system.

While French drains are a simple solution for a potentially damaging problem, they require sufficient planning, as well as some heavy work. Figuring the proper slope is vital to make sure unwanted water flows away from the area in which it collects, in the right direction, to where it will not cause a problem. Water flows downhill. Improper grade of a French drain system will enlarge your problem. The next step of your French drain installation is excavation. You need a trench of the proper width and depth, to hold the perforated pipe and drainage material. Then everything needs to be covered back up without leaving an unsightly scar in your lawn.

White Horse Lawn & Tree can do all the planning and heavy lifting of your French drain installation to solve your Plymouth, MA drainage problems and protect your property.

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