Irrigation System

Irrigation SystemHealthy lawns and gardens require the right amount of moisture to stay beautiful and healthy. You can keep your grass green and your garden fresh with a professionally installed and maintained irrigation system.

Rain is often not sufficient to keep your lawn as lush and green as you would like it to be. Because irrigation systems do not have to be monitored, and they free you from the need to move hoses and manual sprinklers, they save time and effort. They also conserve water while keeping your lawn lush and green. Once set up, a professionally-installed irrigation system requires very little attention and, better yet, it will save you money over time.


White Horse Lawn & Tree can design the best irrigation system for your property, install it, and keep it running efficiently. Some professional attention in the spring and fall, and replacement of worn-down parts as necessary, are all that your system needs. As anything that involves pipes and water in Massachusetts in the fall, proper winterization of irrigation systems is important. Living through Northeast winters, we all know the damage water freezing in undrained pipes can do. White Horse can properly winterize your lawn sprinkler system and would be pleased to provide full fall clean-up services to get your property ready for the next Cape Cod winter. We can also get your irrigation system running again in the spring. Looking for spring clean-up services to go along with our spring care for your irrigation system? You guessed it. We also provide full seasonal clean-up services, spring and fall.

Whatever it takes to keep your lawn beautiful, chances are we can do it for you. Call us today for a free consultation.

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