Koi Ponds

Koi PondsKoi ponds are one way to beautify your property and raise your home’s value. These garden ponds, often stocked with koi fish, can be any shape or size. A distinctive part of any landscape, decorative waterscapes add a unique element of color and life to your yard, and provide a splash of serenity in our busy world. They can visually connect other features of your landscaping or be a focal point of their own.

Koi Ponds

Koi are relatively easy to raise and care for. They are a hardy fish but require the right type of pond. Koi are moderately cold tolerant and can survive a typical Cape Cod winter if their pond is properly designed so it does not freeze through completely and is aerated so the water gets oxygen and toxic gases can escape. During cold weather, koi, like many other types of fish, go into a sort of dormancy in which they require less oxygen. They naturally settle to the bottom of the pond. In warm weather, koi are pleasant to watch and fun to feed. We can design and build a Plymouth, MA koi pond that will be beautiful and healthy for your fish if you choose to stock it. Removing dead plant material that could decay and harm your koi pond’s health in the spring can be part of White Horse Lawn & Tree fall clean-up service tailored especially for your property.

Our South Shore, MA koi ponds help create a backyard oasis for you, complete with a peaceful waterfall if you would like. Increase your yard’s aesthetic appeal with this lovely, soothing feature. You can even nightscape to enjoy it after dark with landscape lighting that includes underwater lighting


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