Landscape Lighting

Did you know that you can improve your home’s security while beautifying it? Properly installed landscape lighting, also known as nightscaping, will allow you and your guests to see your property at its best at all hours of the day, and improve curb appeal. Why not take the pleasure of outdoor activities and entertainment into the night?

There are different types of landscape lighting to create various effects.

  • Downlighting. Light your landscaping from above. Create a pleasing moonlight effect while boosting safety and security.
  • Pathlighting. Provide another level of safety for your family and guests while making guests feel welcome. Guide guests to your home or through interesting areas of your yard.
  • Uplighting. Light features from below. Uplighting can show off your architecture and enhance other texture, like that in your trees.
  • Backlighting. Improve security with pleasant levels of even lighting through areas of your property. Backlighting is particularly good for accenting plantings.
  • Underwater lighting. Do you have a water feature or are you considering one? Underwater lighting can create a dramatic look and allows you to enjoy water features even at night.
  • Specialty lighting. What effect are you going for? There are numerous options to enhance the look, atmosphere, safety, and security of your property.

The right range of types of fixtures effectively installed will allow you to make the most of your property’s landscaping and features at night. Our Plymouth, MA landscape lighting helps bring out the focal points and textures of your home that you are proud of. Details that may go unnoticed in daylight can be eye-catching in nighttime illumination. Nightscaping enhances the beauty, usability, safety, security, and value of your property.