Planting Beds

Planting BedsFlower gardens and planting beds bring a landscape to life, tying all the other aesthetic elements together. They catch the eye with bursts of color and please the senses with sweet-smelling aromas. Properly planned, they complement your architecture and enhance your other landscaping. It is an art to choose an assortment of plant varieties and colors that will look beautiful together and ensure that something is always blooming. From spring through fall various, plants have different peak times. Your garden can be in bloom throughout the Massachusetts growing season.

Some plants need lots of sun, while others will be scorched by too much direct sunlight. Annuals and perennials have different advantages and drawbacks; both can be important in the design of flower beds. Would you prefer more green or plenty of colorful blooms?

Planting Beds

Planting beds and flowers can liven up your foundation or add color to a blank space. Wondering how to attract butterflies or how to attract hummingbirds? We know the best flowers and plants to attract desired creatures, and the best to repel those you do not want in your yard. Whatever your flower and design tastes, and the atmosphere you hope to create for your property, our staff can work with you to design and create plantings you will love.

Do your flower gardens or planting beds leave something to be desired? Call on White Horse Lawn & Garden to provide expert planting and care of your Plymouth, MA planting beds. Seasonal clean-ups in the spring and fall are among the many services we provide to keep your lawn and planting beds healthy and looking their best.

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