Seasonal Clean-ups

Brush, leaves, grass clippings, faded flower beds your yard needs a lot of attention through the changing seasons, especially in the transition seasons of spring and fall. White Horse Lawn & Tree offers both Seasonal Clean-Ups Services to keep your property in peak condition. Among other necessary seasonal clean-up services, we will rake your leaves, remove your brush and grass clippings, and clear out your flower beds.

Spring Clean-up

South Shore winters are long and cold. They can wreak havoc on your lawn and landscaping. To help your yard recover after the harsh Massachusetts dormant season, and ensure it will look its best as the growing season gets under way, through summer, and into fall, White Horse can take care of the mess and damage winter leaves in its wake.

It is important to know that the weight of snow can compact the soil. It can also change the soil pH. Both of these issues can make your lawn more vulnerable to weeds and disease. Cleaning up your lawn in spring is important to make your yard look neater, and even more important to keep it healthy.

Fall Clean up

Fall is beautiful in Massachusetts. It also makes a big mess as the beautifully changed leaves drop to the ground and plantings die off as the growing season ends and cold weather arrives. We can keep your lawn looking neat by raking your leaves and properly taking care of annual and perennial plantings as they reach the end of the year’s growing season.

Proper fall lawn care can get your lawn ready to face the long months of winter cold, as well as giving your yard a healthier start in spring by removing dead leaves and plants that can block necessary sunlight and encourage disease.

If you have an irrigation system, we can winterize it in the fall and get it back up and running in spring. So contact us today to schedule our professional seasonal clean-ups.

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