Caterpillar Control

Let us handle the caterpillar infestations on your property with our South Shore Caterpillar Control services. Removing caterpillars while they are in their early stages of development will keep them from growing larger to do more damage, and changing into their adult insect form (moths, etc.) that can wreak further havoc on your plants and trees.

Tent caterpillars are a good example of the importance of early intervention. Eastern tent caterpillars love ornamental crabapple trees and cherry trees. Finding and destroying eggs at the beginning of the growing season, before buds break out, is the best way to avoid infestation. Early caterpillars can also be removed as the webs that will form their tents are noticed, typically on south facing branches. If Eastern tent caterpillars infest any of the trees in your landscape, they can severely defoliate them. Their forest tent caterpillar cousins, which prefer larger deciduous trees, are more difficult to notice early.

Caterpillar Control

Having an ongoing South Shore caterpillar control program, which could include tree and shrub spraying, will allow you to enjoy your property to its fullest as you preserve your investment in your landscape. We use biorational products whenever possible. Biorational pesticides are third-generation pesticides that are closer to chemicals created in nature. While they are effective on the pests which they are designed to control, they are relatively innocuous to other living things so do not contaminate the area with substances that are toxic to people, animals, or plants. This ensures the best results for the specific problem while keeping you, your family, your pets, birds, helpful insects and the environment as safe as possible.

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