Stump Grinding

Stump grinding

Many homeowners wonder what to do with a tree stump after they lose or cut down a tree. They do not want to leave a gaping hole in the ground, nor do they want to disturb their existing landscaping by bringing in an over-sized machine that will crush flowers or leave ruts in a lawn. Our stump grinding services takes care of all that for you.

Stump grinding brings stumps below grade, allowing you to plant grass or shrubs as if the tree or stump was never there. And our self-propelled, low-impact stump grinder can access almost any part of your property, including backyards with gates. Our specialized machine is not attached to a truck and will not leave ruts in your lawn.

Our stump grinding technique is an effective, affordable way to remove an unsightly problem with minimal impact on your landscape.

If you need a tree removed, check out our tree removal services.


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