Tree Pruning

White Horse Lawn & Garden wants to keep your trees looking their very best! Regular tree pruning keeps your trees healthy by removing older or damaged branches, allowing much needed nutrients to go toward remaining limbs. It also allows ground plants and shrubs below to receive more exposure to sunlight.

We utilize selective pruning techniques, taking great care to remove only what is necessary and doing our best to leave intact any portion that may still be viable. Our goal with pruning is to give you a healthier tree, less mess in your yard, more light for understory plants, and better spacing.

Tree Pruning Services

The best time to prune trees depends on what type of tree pruning you need. Light pruning and the removal of dead wood to accomplish our goal of healthy trees, less mess, more light, and better spacing can typically be done any time. If you are looking for a burst of new spring growth, winter pruning in dormancy following the coldest part of winter is the answer for certain types of trees. When to prune to enhance flowering depends on the type of flowering tree you have, and when in the growing season it blooms. Pruning to direct growth for shape and size is typically done in summer, just after new growth is complete.

Whatever the type of professional tree pruning services you require for the best of your trees, White Horse Lawn & Garden provides expert Plymouth, MA tree pruning service.

Owner Ross Randlett is an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborist and a Massachusetts Certified Arborist. He and his staff can provide the best Plymouth and South Shore tree pruning services to keep your trees beautiful and healthy.

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