Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services

Trees are a lovely addition to any yard or landscape design. But when they get in the way of other landscaping features or efforts, they become unsightly and need to be pruned or removed. If trees are damaged by a coastal storm or begin to die from disease or age, they are not only unsightly but become unsafe. If you need large branches or an entire tree removed, feel free to call White Horse Lawn & Tree to meet your tree removal needs.

Because of the significant risk of property damage and personal injury, large branch trimming and tree removal should be done by professionals who have the precision and specific skills, as well as understanding of the necessary safety precautions.

Tree Removal Services

Our expert tree removal crew will remove trees with minimal impact to your landscape. We utilize a number of professional techniques. Your tree removal may include hand climbing or the use of our bucket truck. Hand climbing allows us to perform necessary work in areas that are difficult to access. Our bucket truck allows for safe, quick, and efficient work to be done around your home and utilities, with as little disturbance as possible.

If your tree removal will significantly impact traffic flow in your area, we would be happy to arrange for police details (including scheduling and payment) if necessary to handle traffic concerns for convenience and safety.

You can rest assured that our staff members are experienced, and trained to uphold our standards to safely, neatly, and effectively handle all of your Plymouth and South Shore tree removal needs. We also provide expert tree pruning services and large limb removal and chipping services.

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